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MAHINDRA Automobile Engineering Interview Questions
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Types of cooling system in passenger cars?

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how does the engine starts working when we start our twowheeler

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why we are using oil with petrol in two stroke engines but not in four stroke engines(two wheelers)?................

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why tractor rear wheel is big then front wheel

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A mechanism which enables the rotary motion of one shaft to another shaft at the same axis is called a) Gear box b) Differential c) Clutch d) Flywheel

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if the piston ring & liners changed after that if problem arising again of back compressor?

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During a turn , why does the inner Tyre experience greater resistance to turning than the outer Tyre?

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what is balancing?

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What is standard size journal and big end crankshaft in mahindra bolero


The main advantage of a good clutch is a) Good torque transmission b) Rapid engagement c) Large size d) High inertia


Hard shifting of gears would result when a) There is rapid engagement of gears b) There is less heat dissipation c) The clutch inertia is very high d) There is no clutch free pedal play


The torque transmitted by a clutch is given by a) T = μWR b) T = μ/WR c) T = μW/R d) T = 1/μWR


The coefficient of friction for the Asbestos-based materials used for clutch facing is a) 0.07 b) 0.17 c) 0.27 d) 0.37

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The maximum amount of axial load to be applied on a clutch plate is a) 100 KN b) 200 KN c) 300 KN d) 400 KN


Mean effective radius of contact surfaces of a clutch plate is decided by a) Coefficient of friction b) Axial pressure c) Space available in the vehicle d) Amount of torque to be transmitted


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MAHINDRA Automobile Engineering Interview Questions

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