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MAHINDRA Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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i want tech mahindra recent placement paper conducted for campus recruitment in bangalore

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What is meant by D-FF? What is the basic difference between Latches and Flip flops? What is a multiplexer? How can you convert an SR Flip-flop to a JK Flip-flop? How can you convert an JK Flip-flop to a D Flip-flop? What is Race-around problem? How can you rectify it? Which semiconductor device is used as a voltage regulator and why? What do you mean by an ideal voltage source? What do you mean by zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown? What are the different types of filters? What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters? What is sampling theorem? What is impulse response? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of FIR filters compared to IIR counterparts. What is CMRR? Explain briefly. What do you mean by half-duplex and full-duplex communication? Explain briefly. Which range of signals are used for terrestrial transmission? What is the need for modulation? Which type of modulation is used in TV transmission? Why we use vestigial side band (VSB-C3F) transmission for picture? When transmitting digital signals is it necessary to transmit some harmonics in addition to fundamental frequency? For asynchronous transmission, is it necessary to supply some synchronizing pulses additionally or to supply or to supply start and stop bit? BPFSK is more efficient than BFSK in presence of noise. Why? What is meant by pre-emphasis and de-emphasis? What do you mean by 3 dB cutoff frequency? Why is it 3 dB, not 1 dB?


what do you use instead of the place of transistor and mosfet can you achieve the result without using transistor and mosfet

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MAHINDRA Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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