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MAHINDRA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How much RPM in Turbocharger in Diesel engine.

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If connected load of Asphalt plant is 375Kw. What suitable KVA DG set is required. What is calculation formula. what extra load have to consider. in what efficiency it will work.

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why celing fan is running in anti clock wise and table fan is running in clock wised?

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what is High resistance grounding and whatis the criteria for the selection of High resistance grounding


Explain principle of Soft-starter & how its working???

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they conducted technica for 1 hour..i also managed..they selected 5 boys and only one girl,myself got wait listed.whether they would call or not

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what are the preventive maintanance actions taken for air circuit breaker? please answer me


why do we carry out winding resistance test?


calculation of lad carryinc capacity of 6mm2 cross section wire in 415 voltage circuit. What will be the amps.


what is power factor?

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how we can check that any motor is faulty may be single phase or three phase?

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why the earth terminal in three pin top is longer than rest of the two terminal and of bigger size?

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how to improve my communication skills

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what is hysterisis loss and eddy current loss? how it occurs?

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what is the meaning of electrical maintenance?

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MAHINDRA Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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