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Logica CMG Manual Testing Interview Questions
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password is having 6 digit alphanumerics then what r the possible input conditions?

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give examples of incremental testing?

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what is compliance testing?

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one module contains 3 screens like entry , exit & trasaction. u can perform operations by using these screens and u save that changes but those screens are not displaying on the desktop then how u can assign the seviority?

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what is test procedure?

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What particiption a manual tester can do in documentation? Are there any tools available for only documentation?

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what is test condition?how do u rank a test condition?

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what is reqirements testing and risk based testing?

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What is the testing process followed in ur company?

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What is difference between windows 2000 server and windows 2003 server

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What is the difference between santity & smoke testing?

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what are functional and non functional requirement of SRS document..

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What is Test Condition. what is test scenario.

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what is test scenario and test condition?


Explain BVA and ECP?

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Logica CMG Manual Testing Interview Questions

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