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Logica CMG QTP Interview Questions
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for a test in QTP i had choose the object repository as shared.after completion of some days i want to conduct the same test again,now the question is HOW TO LOAD THE OBJECT REPOSITORY. is it possible by descriptive programming.could any one tell me how many ways we load it and what is the process?

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how will you check how many members visited the website


if there is a web table of having row and colmns.a button is placed at 2nd row's 3rd column which is worked for both edit and to write script for the button to test both operation on the web table using desriptive programing.. plz help me on script wheather using getroproperty Q2)what is the command for taking valiue from a web table in qtp

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write a vb script to print even numbers from 1-50?

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Logica CMG QTP Interview Questions

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