How does winrunner evaluates test results?

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How does winrunner evaluates test results?..

Answer / winrunner

Following each test run,Win Runner displays the results in a
report.You can view those results in tools>>test results in
winrunner 7.01.
The Report details all major events that occured during
the run.such as check points,error messages,user messages..

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How does winrunner evaluates test results?..

Answer / sofia

Following each test run, WinRunner displays the results
in a report. The report details all the major events that
occurred during the run, such as checkpoints, error
messages, system messages, or user messages. If mismatches
are detected at checkpoints during the test run, you can
view the expected results and the actual results from the
Test Results window.

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How does winrunner evaluates test results?..

Answer / vidya

WR doesn't evalutes the test results actually
It displays the system messages,user messages and the test
pass or fail criteria and the information about the check
points comparision pass or fail.
You can also view the expected results and actual results
from the test result window.

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