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Logica CMG Core Java Interview Questions
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class{ ... ... interface myinterface{ ... ... } abstract class{ .. .. } ... .. .. } is this possible to write "Interface and/ or Abstract class inside a class ? if possible whcich one is possible is only interface? is only abstract?

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class A{ m2(){ } } class B extends A{ m2(){ } } class c extends B{ m2(){ } } class my_class extends c{ m2(){ } pulic static void main(){ ...My_class a = new my_class(); super.super.super.m2(); is this is leagal if not find what is the legal procedure in order to call A's version of m2(); }

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what is the difference between abstract class and Interface?where we can use it in realtime projects?

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Can we call the Thread.sleep in Synchyronozed block?

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how can we use the servlet as standalone apllication?should we need to extend any class?

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wht is customised exception?

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how to compile jsp?

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Why is prepared Statement, Callable Statement used for? What is the need of Batch updates?

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Write a java program to get a string of words and print the numbers of each word count in descending order

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Logica CMG Core Java Interview Questions

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