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KPIT SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How to debug a smartform otherthan putting break-point in initializatin section?

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why SAP scripts are client dependent and smart forms are not?

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what are the Pre requisites for binary search?

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What are the pre requisites for For all Entries?

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How do you do effort estimation? Based on which parameters?

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Under which event we can make a filed disappear on selection screen.

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any one can tell me which is the tables can store in ddic plese dont say db02l,please give me different ways of resideing the tables ?


can any one can give me the Fi and co flow? and the tables ?

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please any one can tell me modifytable keyword used in DDIC? what is a basic diffrence between modify table and update key word?

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what is basic difference between script&smart forms?

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what is basic difference between BDC&dialogprogramming? what is basic difference between reports&dialogprogramming?

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how will you go for row level locking of a z table

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How to transport from one client data to another in realtime, what is the transaction code for transport, where the maintain table maintenance generator in realtime,

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1.what are the events in TMG..? 2.if i do not write any thing in a REPORT program except TOP OF PAGE and END OF PAGE ,then what will be the output?

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KPIT SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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