1.what are the events in TMG..?
2.if i do not write any thing in a REPORT program except TOP
OF PAGE and END OF PAGE ,then what will be the output?

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Answer / manoranjan

As START-OF-SELECTION is an default event,if u don't write it,it will automatically triggered. so with out start-of-selection and end-of-selection ,u can get the output .

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Answer / raj

no output 
start of selection is the default event, without writing this event also it will trigger.

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Answer / surya

No output to be displayed,without the start-of-selection or

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Answer / vt

List of Events available in Table maintenance
01 Before saving the data in the database
02 After saving the data in the database
03 Before deleting the data displayed
04 After deleting the data displayed
05 Creating a new entry
06 After completely performing the function 'Get original'
07 Before correcting the contents of a selected field
08 After correcting the contents of a selected field
09 After getting the original of an entry
10 After creating the header entries for the change task (E071)
11 After changing a key entry for the change task (E071K)
12 After changing the key entries for the change task (E071K)
13 Exit editing (exit main function module)
14 After lock/unlock in the main function module
15 Before retrieving deleted entries
16 After retrieving deleted entries
17 Do not use. Before print: Event 26
18 After checking whether the data has changed
19 After initializing global variables, field symbols, etc.
20 after input in date sub screen (time-dep. tab. /views)
21 Fill hidden fields
22 Go to long text maintenance for other languages
23 Before calling address maintenance screen
24 After restricting an entry (time-dep. tab./views)
25 Individual authorization checks
26 Before creating a list
27 After creation or copying a GUID (not a key field)
28 After entering a date restriction for time-dep. views
AA Instead of the standard data read routine
AB Instead of the standard database change routine
AC Instead of the standard 'Get original' routine
AD Instead of the standard RO field read routine
AE Instead of standard positioning coding
AF Instead of reading texts in other languages
AG Instead of 'Get original' for texts in other languages
AH Instead of DB change for texts in other languages
ST GUI menu main program name
AI Internal use only
For selecting the events follow the path as
Environment -> Modification -> Events

When it comes to reports, START-OF-SELECTION is a default event. It will be triggered automatically. TOP OF PAGE and END OF PAGE will trigger only when you have a write statement outside these events.

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Answer / dhivya

Without endof selection event, top of page cannot be called.

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