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KPIT Core Java Interview Questions
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What are concepts of OOPS and how are they implemented in Java?

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what is the difference between ArrayList and Vector

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what is default constructor and parameterised constructor with example?

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If your team member writes code with lots of static variables and static methods, will it cause any side effects?

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If I have 1000 objects and my requirement is to sort them quickly, then which collection would you recommend and why?

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I have a Person object with 5 variables and I want to store them in a file called Person.txt. What should I do?

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There is a Banking application. It has 2 types of account, Savings and Current. Write a method calculateInterest by passing an ArrayList of these account objects and calculate Interest accordingly. Write code for this situation

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If two threads call a static method at the same point of time, what will happen?

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There are 2 methods in a class. Both have the same method signature except for return types. Is this overloading or overriding or what is it?

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There are 2 classes, 1 LandAnimal and another WaterAnimal. There is another class Animal which wants to have the properties of both LandAnimal and WaterAnimal. How will you design this situation?

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I have a String s = java; What is the output when I say s.replaceAll('j', 'k'); Also what is the value of s after replacing?

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If you are reviewing the code of your team members, what points will you look at, assuming the performance of the application is not so great

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How will you convert an ArrayList to Arrays?

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What is serialVersionUID and what is its need?

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KPIT Core Java Interview Questions

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