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KPIT Informatica Interview Questions
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1:when we develop a project what are the performance issue will raise?? KPIT 2:if a table have INDEX and CONSTRAINT why it raise the performance issue bcoz when we drop the index and disable the constraint it performed better??KPIT 3:what are unix commands frequently used in informatica??

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Is LOAD MANAGER AND LOAD BALANCER same in informatica?

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my source is like this id,name sal 10 abc 1000,10 pqr 2000, 10 xyz 3000 ,10 jkl 4000 and my requirement is like this 10 abc,pqr,xyz,jkl 2000 .... i have try for this by using expression transformatin its ok of the concatenation of second column but the thing is that on third column if u group by using agg t/r the last value will com i.e 4000 but i asked by a interviewer that i dont want the first or last column i want the middle column i.e 2000 .plz reply for the same

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KPIT Informatica Interview Questions

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