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KPIT Interview Questions
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Why TCP and IP are written all together as TCP/IP?

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What is share script?

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What are concepts of OOPS and how are they implemented in Java?

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What are the ways to define classes that can be run as threads?

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What is Entity Bean and Session Bean?

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What is the major difference SessionBean and EntityBean?

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Tell me difference between Container managed persistent bean & Bean managed persistent bean?

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what is meant by servlet to servlet communication?

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What is the need for modulation?

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Difference between Include, Forward and sendRedirect in Servlet?

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Can BW run without a SAP R/3 implementation?

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what is cut over strategy?

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what is the difference between ArrayList and Vector

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What are the two user exits you have used in your project?

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what is latest version in reports

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KPIT Interview Questions

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