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KPIT Data Structures Interview Questions
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1) Program A and B are analyzed and found to have worst- case running times no greater than 150nlog2n and n2 respectively.Answer the folloWing questions if possible.. i) which program has the better guarantee on the running time,for larger values of n(n>10000) ? ii) which program has the better guarantee on the running time,for small values of n(n<100) ? iii) which program will run faster on average for n =1000 2) wRite a program to compute the number of collisions required in a long random sequence of insertions using linear probing ,quadratic probing and double hashing 3) what is the optimal way to compute A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 where the dimensions of the matrices are A1:10*20 A2 : 20 * 1 A3 : 1 * 40 A4 : 40*5 A5 : 5 * 30 A6 : 30 X 15

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KPIT Data Structures Interview Questions

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