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JSW Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What will happen if 230V DC motor connected to 230V AC Supply?

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why transformer is giving some humming noise .....?

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sir please send me previous year questions of jspl through which i could prepare myself fpr the test.

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what is the difference between LT and HT power supply?

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what is the formula of knowing the clabe size on any load?

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why we can turn on the phase-A scr in 3 phase converter at 30 degrees


when turbine trips generator will becomes induction motor or synchronous motor?

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What is the method for testing the differential protection stabilty in generator? When the time of starting What will happen if differentail protection connection wrong means?


what is the difference between electrical & electronics?

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how the ac voltage are selected like 220v,415v,750v,1000v& 1.KV,6.6KV,11KV,33KV,66KV,132KV,220KV & why these are selected like these orders

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is that any software calculator to calculate the size of cable


as we know that N=120f/P speed of an im can be controled only through changing no if poles, can we control by changing the frequncy????

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difference between torque mode and speed mode

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what is the meaning of 16/20 mva of transformer

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What should be the conservator minimum oil level required in 2 mva transformer

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