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iFlex Business Objects Interview Questions
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How toconnect one to one report?

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What is the difference between sub-query & co-related sub query?answer ASAP....... thanks in advance..............Prakash

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in BO module, you forgot all password even all user in business object, designer, supervisor, gen.supervisor everythicg, how to you recover your datas?

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Table A, Table B is there, that colums are different like tabl A contian (A varchar(9), B varchar(2), date), table B contian(D varchar(10), E varchar(2), F date) , i want 2 compare mismath datatype length in both table, how? do you know any in built function?

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2 table is there , thats column is different name but data type is same, 2 tables values are same. how to you findout both values are same?

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you are a universe designer and report developer in BO, what type of information you gather from client?Briefly explain plz

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can anyone help me ? an index has been done on the primary key of a table. an update operation was performed on that table. now my question is 1> what abt the performance ? means faster or slower due to indexing ? 2> does the operation affect to the primary key constraint ? normally database take to refresh time 2 hours. but client asked iwant to refresh with in 5 min that same database. do you have any option in BO and Oracle? explain me briefly...kavi

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How to Shedule the reports in Xi R2

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What are the Errors in BO Pls Explain with Examples

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If any one Deleted the BOMain key by accidently,is any possible to get back that Bomain key.if possible please send some steps.

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iFlex Business Objects Interview Questions

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