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iFlex SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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write a procedure to print a statement or number not using "dbms_output.put_line" package.write a procedure instead of it using procdure name as "print" ex:- declare a number:=2; begin print(a); end; /* when U type above procedure 2 have to should be printed*/

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what is global table

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what is difference between procedure and function, procedure and trigger?

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Give an example of any procedure.

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While inserting 10 rows using procedure, if 3rd entry is having some error, what will be the output? How u will handle that error?

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what are the advantages of package?

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in materialized view the structure will create immediately or not?

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can we create index on index?

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diff b/w function and procedure?

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diff b/w sub query and co-relater query?

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if we give update table_name set column_name= default. what will happen?

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if we give update table_name set column_name= default. what will happen? its given in pl sql block.what will hapen?

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how will u find statistics of a database objects?

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How can we overcome recursive triggers in SQL?

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..........refers to the disk mirroring

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iFlex SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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