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iFlex Interview Questions
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Tell about strtok & strstr functions

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what is the diffrence between qualityassurance and system testing explain in detail with an example?

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how can you describe the defect sevirority n priority...mean low, medium and high... on what factors can we fix that defect is major r low r medium sevirori and proirity ???

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What is Virtual Host in Weblogic , how to create it & what is the advantage ?

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what are the static variables

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how u do unit testing?

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i created a parameter list in reports. how to restrict that parameter list with parameters

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All ready we have alias tables for modifications why we are using views if anybody this answer plz reply me


1. How to handle object implementation change in DP for Ex: i have login page with username,pasword (editboxes),login,cancel(buttons). Here i written DP code for login page with the help properties. My questions: 1.If properites are changing dynamically i will do (i want code for that) 2.if objects are changed dynamcally i will do (i wnat code for that)


pls tell me the syllabus and books that suitable for the post of junior and section engineer cateogries.

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..........refers to the disk mirroring

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iFlex Interview Questions

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