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iFlex Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the diffrence between qualityassurance and system testing explain in detail with an example?

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How to write testcases for a general objects like 1.pen 2.paper 3.printer 4.Mobile 5.Bulb machine 7.calculator 8.Mobile 9.telephone...etc

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After project was released to customer the customer find a defect in u r build. the build is related to that area which u had tested that. so u r TL comes and asks u then how will u convince u r TL and The customer

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this question i got from iflex anybody pls give some useful information. is it possible to get severity1bugs in thirds round testing before release after two rounds of system testing completed?

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Any one pls describe master and visa card are same equity or different. and is it possible have same card number different expiry date with each master and visa.

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One simple question I had faced in one of the interview.But I was unable to give the proper answer for it. Question is "Tester will raise the defect.Then y the defect have to be send to the corresponding TL of the team for conformation?Y The tester is not confident withthe defect? If yes then how did he raise the defect?" Plz read it clearfully and answer it with app. answer.

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diff between re & regression who will decide priority

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Write four good test cases on refill ball pen?

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Do the test cases differ for Functional,Integration,System and User Acceptance Testing???

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How do the test cases differ for Functional,Integration,System and User Acceptance Testing???

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Any body can answer Any Test engineer found any critical defect in his Testing career. anybody can let me know. Thanks in avance.

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What is the difference between Incident and Defect. Anybody can answer it. Thanks in advance.

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what is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

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iFlex Manual Testing Interview Questions

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