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iFlex Informatica Interview Questions
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why do u use shortcuts in informatica.?

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How do we come to know the Source data/file is ready/Updated in the source location, when the session is scheduled for @12:00AM and ready to run its job ? or Can we schedule the session, when the source is updated in source location without any time constraint?

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if i have records like these (source table) rowid name 10001 gdgfj 10002 dkdfh 10003 fjfgdhgjk 10001 gfhgdgh 10002 hjkdghkfh the target table should be like these by using expression tranformation. (Target table) rowid name 10001 gdgfj 10002 dkdfh 10003 fjfgdhgjk xx001 gfhgdgh xx002 hjkdghkfh (that means duplicated records should contain XX in there rowid)

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Is it passive or active when check and uncheck the box of DISTINCT in Sorter transformation? why?

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what is diff between grep and find

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iFlex Informatica Interview Questions

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