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What is the best coaching center for drug inspector in hyderabad?    1  9
why chandigarh is capital of two states    0  12
If a ditributor's monthly ROI is 5% then what would be his yearly ROI?¬†    0  7
uniform civil code means ?    1  34
Differentiate between pay grade and broading.    0  43
Howto calculate OLR range for a motor¬†    0  39
what is the maximum age for election to the office of the President of india?    2  116
a and b works in 72 days b and c works in 120 days a and c works in 90 days so a alone works in how many days rbi   1  69
Dear friends any body can tell where i will get Degree lecturer chemistry study materials.    0  69
which of the following river does not form delta?    2  102
which one of the following rights was described by b.r.ambedkar as 'the heart and sc the constitution ? a.right of freedom of religious b.right of property c.right of equality d.right of constitutional remidies bed   2  196
what is the fullform of mathematics?    0  158
Write a c programme to find the product of elements in one dimensionl array?    0  149
which component is in most in kidney stones    0  108
A father had 11 children's, He placed 11 Apples in a bowl and each child taken one apple but there is One Apple left in the Bowl ? How ? cat   2  284
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Un-Answered Questions
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this is suresh studing llb 2nd year, i want to know about group1&2 examination means is there any easy way to prepare for that like reading by some books, then which books should i read,please give advice. thank u 237
friends i want to know about DSSSB DASS GRADE II Main exam pattern what is the exam syllbus and if there is any precious year question paper then please mail me on my emil id 2687
why chandigarh is capital of two states 12
what would be the cut off for general candidate ,in the cabinet secretariat recruitment exam held on 16 th june,2013,tier 1. after how much time do they generally declare the tier 1 results 301
how can we start the with less availablity of capital and survive in market with having status 316
dear, sir plz tell me abt that what is the syllabus of postal assistant/sorting assistant written exam conducted in madhya pradesh. 164
all cat related question 301
which component is in most in kidney stones 108
Bird is flying 120 km/hr between B to R. Two trains at B to R at 60 kmph. The distance traveled by the bird before it is killed? 362
about pc+ 253
dear sir , i got 345 marks in ssc .. is it enough to get an interview call?????????? i m in obc ...... 251
who had an explosive idea and first patented dynamite? 306
India ke Map me pandechare ko 3 jaghe kyo dikhaya jata hai? 498
NAme one important decision you have taken in your life in the past six months 348
Write a c programme to find the product of elements in one dimensionl array? 149
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