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Howto calculate OLR range for a motorĀ     0  18
what is the maximum age for election to the office of the President of india?    1  58
a and b works in 72 days b and c works in 120 days a and c works in 90 days so a alone works in how many days rbi   1  40
Dear friends any body can tell where i will get Degree lecturer chemistry study materials.    0  47
which of the following river does not form delta?    1  64
which one of the following rights was described by b.r.ambedkar as 'the heart and sc the constitution ? a.right of freedom of religious b.right of property c.right of equality d.right of constitutional remidies bed   2  124
what is the fullform of mathematics?    0  119
Write a c programme to find the product of elements in one dimensionl array?    0  127
which component is in most in kidney stones    0  85
A father had 11 children's, He placed 11 Apples in a bowl and each child taken one apple but there is One Apple left in the Bowl ? How ? cat   2  245
Hello friends, Can someone provide me a link to RS Aggarwal Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning book? Thanks,    0  153
In which ocean is a lake    0  171
Which phenomenon doesn't imagine in moon surface    0  154
what is specific obtical rotation of sugar? mps-techologies   0  199
A certain code ,EDUCATION is written as OPJUBDVEF,how COMPUTERS written in same code?    1  344
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Un-Answered Questions
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I am student of B.Sc (Life Sc) 1st yr... i wish to become a Doctor...Can i be suggested the steps to this?? and i would like to know abt MMS process ..exactly from where n when i can fill application form...plss help me in this thnx 396
why did the British decide to give education to indians 208
why is social networking popular among young people? 188
who has given the name of indian national congress? 662
what is Dicetroide in mammels ecept human ? 388
harpoon missile steel composition 390
The horse has played a little known but very important role in the field of medicine. Horses were injected with toxins of diseases until their blood built up immunities. Then a serum was made from their blood.Serums to fight with diphtheria and tetanus were developed this way. It can be inferred from the passage, that horses were (A) given immunity to diseases (B) generally quite immune to diseases (C) given medicines to fight toxins (D) given diphtheria and tetanus serums 505
this is suresh studing llb 2nd year, i want to know about group1&2 examination means is there any easy way to prepare for that like reading by some books, then which books should i read,please give advice. thank u 232
dear sir , i got 345 marks in ssc .. is it enough to get an interview call?????????? i m in obc ...... 244
Railways were introduced in India when the Governor General of India was 202
in a pattern 4,42,32,? what will be 4th number 652
can u make this program simpler 362
Hi frnds, can u suggest me good institutes in vizag for GROUP1? 417
What is VDA & DA Full Form? 3208
send old question paper for shift chemist examination of cseb 1533
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