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what is the maximum age for election to the office of the President of india?    1  29
a and b works in 72 days b and c works in 120 days a and c works in 90 days so a alone works in how many days rbi   0  21
Dear friends any body can tell where i will get Degree lecturer chemistry study materials.    0  36
which of the following river does not form delta?    1  47
which one of the following rights was described by b.r.ambedkar as 'the heart and sc the constitution ? a.right of freedom of religious b.right of property c.right of equality d.right of constitutional remidies bed   2  95
what is the fullform of mathematics?    0  103
Write a c programme to find the product of elements in one dimensionl array?    0  94
which component is in most in kidney stones    0  74
A father had 11 children's, He placed 11 Apples in a bowl and each child taken one apple but there is One Apple left in the Bowl ? How ? cat   2  221
Hello friends, Can someone provide me a link to RS Aggarwal Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning book? Thanks,    0  144
In which ocean is a lake    0  159
Which phenomenon doesn't imagine in moon surface    0  137
what is specific obtical rotation of sugar? mps-techologies   0  181
A certain code ,EDUCATION is written as OPJUBDVEF,how COMPUTERS written in same code?    1  311
atomic power station in india is built to completely indigenously?    0  214
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is theaverage weight of one brick? 242
what was the age limit for group2 exams for reservation candidates? 597
Railways were introduced in India when the Governor General of India was 195
how can we start the with less availablity of capital and survive in market with having status 299
What is treatment of outstanding expenses in realistion account? 286
canu sent me IIT entrance question for all subject 380
write a progrram in c find out gretest num among five num without using if else statement ,switch case,nd control statement 321
main() { int *ptr=(int*)malloc(sizeof(int)); *ptr=4; printf("%d",(*ptr)+++*ptr++); } 348
How we can connect to Technology 218
Please send SBI clerical model papers and material to my E- MAil 252
When will be the notification for drug inspector 438
about pc+ 236
which economic plan of india has the objective to achieve "growth with equity". 385
why did the British decide to give education to indians 204
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