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would you provide me the answer of the previous year question of the year 2012 of Assistant Provident fund commissioner    0  2
the servents of india society was founded by ?    0  7
Iron is made soft during extraction using a.CO b.CO2 c.H2O d.C    0  24
Mercurouse ion is represented as a. Hg+ b. Hg2+ c. Hg(2)2+ d.Hg(2)+    0  13
in a year once,in a month two,in a week four, in a day six times?    0  18
Which state India has the highest population density ?    1  30
why the uncontrolled rectifiers are converting fixed ac to fixed dc only why not it is converting variable dc    0  21
Find the least number which when divided by 12,16 and 36 leaves remainder 7 in each case    0  24
The region of growth of an elongation in the root is (a) at the tip (b) its entire extent (c) in the middle (d) a little distance away from the tip    0  60
The characters of the c program to receive input from and send to function, this function will check if the characters between letters a to z as y is the output characters to the main function and otherwise, return to the main function of the y characters.    0  71
why does find out power factor?    0  77
Who is responsible for governing the country in the absence of president and prime minister.    1  111
1apple=5rs 20grapes=1rs 1banana=1rs no. Of fruits should be 100 and cost should be 100 how?    1  150
information of hdfc bank    0  193
how to works epbx? how to configuration the epbx?    0  118
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Un-Answered Questions
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what as india's percentage share in world exports for the year 2005? 1054
What motivated you to do this PG 1138
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me last 5years ssc exam solved papers as soon as possible plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need it. 482
write a progrram in c find out gretest num among five num without using if else statement ,switch case,nd control statement 736
could u send me the model papers for drug inspector exam at 552
i want objevtive general english book by rs agarwal , give me free download link 2041
why did the British decide to give education to indians 557
the servents of india society was founded by ? 7
dear, sir plz tell me abt that what is the syllabus of postal assistant/sorting assistant written exam conducted in madhya pradesh. 355
REPO Structure and terminology 713
write short note on extrapolation? 736
please send me NTPC previous papers on my email ID or 470
who is zonal manager of zone? 533
I am looking for bank exam coaching in Hyderabad. Can anybody tell me which is the best institute for BANK and which branch is good giving me branch details. 495
Dear friends any body can tell where i will get Degree lecturer chemistry study materials. 736
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