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Why most of people choose f&b dept.    0  4
I want to know all Interview questions and Answers.    0  13
Why Food Production in Hotel industry ?    1  30
Give me an example of any major problem you faced and how you solved it    0  28
how do you feel about the possibility of relocation?    0  71
I want to give my car on lease plz tell me how?    0  108
why do you want to work in uk?    0  191
Why do u know about F& B?? Why u want 2 work there?    0  1064
why people join hotel industry?    0  348
why do you like cooking?    1  952
How do you recognize a 5 star hotel?    0  763
Name of front office software used in hotel?    1  1072
. Give me an example of a time when you had to explain some new procedures to your co-workers for quality service delivery, how did you go about it? hilton   0  1082
How did I calculate A 1)-Hotel Food & Beverage Cost give me Detail's with Separately (Food Cost Formula and Beverage Cost Formula Separately with details )and 2)-How to calculate Food & Beverage Profit & Loss given me answer with Details.    0  1190
Is there a film in the cinema at the moment that you wouldlike to watch?    2  1684
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Un-Answered Questions
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what is inventory. explain briefly about inventory managment. 2196
I want to know all Interview questions and Answers. 13
How many hours per week you intend to dedicate to your studies? 915
How do you plan to achieve these goals 1333
what is liquer. who is the father of champagne. 1288
How long have you been a flight attendant? 499
what is the worst feedback you have ever got? 5147
If a hotel's restarant is declining in customer satisfaction, specifically with hostess attentiveness, bad table service, and the quality of food, what would be the best choice to make in order to eliminate these issues? 648
4. How do you plan to achieve these goals? 997
What do you find more useful in your present work – your education or your practical experience from previous jobs or traineeships? 1318
why iam in bank,give 4 reasons 522
what are the reasons behind the growth of Tourism? 719
how do take stake orders 651
difne sales and marketingwith the context of hospitality management? 825
why you consider urselffit for the post of assistant hotel manager? 808
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