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can i change the jurisdiction of assessing authority of the dealer    0  11
Suppose, an organisation has purchased goods for Rs.50000 (including CST-Rs.1000). But I have paid Rs. 48000 only after deducting Rs.2000 towards Late Delivery, as agreed before. Now, my question is 'am i right to issue 'C' Form for Rs.48000 (i.e.50000-2000) ? Please guide me.    0  17
Are the Sub-contractors are exempted from paying of Service tax where main contractor is exempted.    0  21
Tax exempted area for Textile, f form transactions are applicable? During the job work can company issue F form and receiving F form? This question for textile unit.    0  22
how can i protect my cultivated kharab(gomala) land or legally how can i move    0  45
Is it necessary to deduct return goods from invoice amount to get c form issued ? Will we be penalized if we have got C forms issued for the total invoice amount without deducting return goods     0  41
Difference between insurance contract and general contract?    0  58
Can we sue employer if the employer is deducting the Rs.1665/- from the employee towards PF including the PF admin charges (1.61%) and depositing without adding a single Rupee from his pocket. DO the employer has right to deduct PF admin CHarges from Employee. Under what sections of PF we can sue employer. THanks    0  68
What is the meaning of lifting corporate viel    1  127
Whether the word LTD should be suffixed to the name of a Private Bank? Please quote the Section and the relevant ACT.    0  106
Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each House of the Indian Parliament separately,by special majority ? uphjs-uttar-pradesh-higher-judicial-service   2  113
why was Muslim league created?    2  105
how much important to get police clearance from local police station to Canadian visa?(Work visa)    0  84
what is a/c no. 1,2 21 and other in esic calcultion?    0  137
What will be the value of "F" forms in case of stock transfer to consignment agent?    0  119
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Un-Answered Questions
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How many form used in sales tax in u.p. 251
can an outsider put a criminal case against members of the cooperative society on personal ground though matter of the society where each member is not paid by the society and does voluntary service , secondly can the police call each and every member after getting bail from the magistrate be called by the police at any time without any proper questions being asked by the police every now and then since in the bail it is written that the police can call the members at any time for interrogation, after going for interrogation one finds that there were no questions asked . thirdly have they to report to th epolice every time they go out of india 334
what is the retirement age of an Ex-Military man? 394
What is the TDS rules for a NRI who is partner in Partnership Firm in India and on retirement he gets Rs. 150 Lacs equal to the credit balance in his capital account. This credit in his capital account has come on account of revaluation of immovable property owned by thr firm. What is the Firm's liability towards income tax on revaluation of immovable property and what are the obligation of TDS while making payment to the NRI. 420
this is question regarding corporate law and regarding "Return of Allotment" in case of shares My question is we have a share cap of 1lakh that we increased to 50lakh so when should I file return of allotment to registrar do I need to file 2 times now because at the time of SC 1 lakh I did to file any return now I want to file return of allotment pls suggest how should I file and relevant enclosures to the return of allotment 206
optimal mindset 225
have special equity issues been encountered? 235
what is TDS and why it is deducted ? 201
This position requires travel, sometimes frequent, sometimes infrequent, to Independence to cover the civil docket there. Are you willing to travel? 321
Would you be willing to branch out into any other area of law, if there is a need? 316
Whether forfeiture of shares is a part of capital or its a part of revenue? 1445
How to break service bond 410
During college days i loved a person & got registered marriage ,but stayed together and nobody comes to know about that and knowing some bad personalities i divorced him throug court, i got the divorce also within 1 year.So is it possible for me to marry another person without informing this matter,as nobody knows about my marriage..please help me. 235
we have a licence of manufacturing himachal pradesh, so can we export raw material by purchase from our local vendor by issue of form H to the local vendor ? 186
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