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What is the difference between kf  and LOD    1  9
What happens inside of lymph nodes?    0  6
What is the colouring matter in plants called    1  11 can you obtain D flip-flop and t flip -flop using jk flip- flop? 2.2 derive the expression of susceptibility of atiferromagnetic materials above neel temperature?    0  7
What is the reason of RT change in new column v/s old column in HPLC    1  16
What is the reason for negative peak in HPLC while using UV detector.    0  11
Why Assay and CU test performed differently?    1  17
from hplc chromatogram how can we say that calibration is needed now?    0  10
Why we compare unequal concentrated solutions in heavy metals test. For example comparing the test solution with 1 ppm lead standard and telling it's less than 20ppm?    1  18
If mass balance is not passing in forced degradation in method validation that method is suitable or not?    0  9
what are stereomers? how are they classified?    0  12
Which of the following is prevented best with vaccination?    0  10
diffrence between known impurity and specified impurity?    0  13
HPLC Calibration gradient method why used union ?    2  28
ex:this product used c18 column but same product used c8 column what happend ?    1  27
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Un-Answered Questions
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An ice-box is built of wood 1.75 cm thick, lined with cork 3 cm thick. If in the steady state the temperature of the inner surface of the cork is 0 ºC and that of the outer surface of wood is 12 ºC, what is the temperature of the wood-cork interface? The thermal conductivities of wood and cork are 0.2 W/m-K and 0.04 W/m-K respectively 404
How to Preserve bacteria in PBS for immunization ? 314
what is unique about the embryogenesis in paeonia? 164
where is the mycoplasma form from? 546
plz send me sylyabus model quetion paper for drug inspector exam 200
What things do you count in order to determine the number of carpels in a compound ovary? 285
What is hybridyzation ? How can i find that which type hybridyzation in perticular compound like in CH4(hy is sp3). 479
In BP2013, Loperamid HCl monograph. Assay by titration with 0.1N sodium hydroxide using hydrocloric acid 0.01N and reading the volume added between the 2 points of inflexion. I have a question that if the diluent solvent is ethanol is certainly consumed a amount of volume of titrant, so this volume must be eliminated on the result calculation or not apart from first point which is subtracted above. 184
Define perl and clustalW problem? 403
What is importance of pH in the Heavy metal test and How it effect on the test results? 121
tell me about your career aspiration 1295
How DNA is being Transplanted? 385
my kid needs to make an diagram explaining what a compound is 302
example for navigation satellite? 189
difference between f distribution and p values? 657
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