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Can we interpret accuracy from linearity in method validation?    0  3
What is the reason of pituitary adenoma brain tumor ??    0  4
if out of two set of results of moisture analysis first 1 is passing, second one is failing, is it oos ? or vice a versa first 1 is failing and second one is passing. for information mean value to be reported and in mean value the substance is ppassing, is it oos or normaal mean value to be considered?    0  5
How to calculate mass balance in RS after degradation    0  4
How to select temperature of ODT in disintegration test    0  5
How will you separate isomers?    1  24
What is cut off value of solvent used in hplc    0  56
Difference between calibration and validation    1  32
why we use holomium oxide for UV calibration ?    0  28
Why the ph limit (1_14) Is used?    0  107
What is the importance of negative pressure in coating pan during coating ?    0  53
Why a1% value is used for some product ? What is the criteria for selection a1% value ?    0  48
Why monograph of hplc coming upperside of drift but in IR monograph coming in drift side?    1  146
Defination of beers_ lamberts law    1  107
What is principle of polarimetre    0  72
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Un-Answered Questions
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How to identify the most kinds of species of soil microorganisms - Bacterium,funfi,acetinomyces? 659
What is the procedure for the calibration of ph meter? 246
What is perceptual constancy ?why it is biologically important? 1077
How DNA is being Transplanted? 718
What are the differences between Smilodon Tini and Smilodon Fatalis? 727
If a patient complains I didn't properly care for them during the last appointment, how will you react? 115
How to construct Genetic Code? 704
If a transistor is said to be in saturation it's EB junction & CB junctions are forward biased. But why the current flow occurs in such a condition? 619
Which type of column should i use to check the purity of high molecular weight protein using HPLC reverse phase column chromatography? Hi everyone. I wanna to check the purity of high molecular weight protein (collagen) with MW of ~130 kDa using a HPLC. I know C18 147
What is the significance of modelling and which model types do you know? 1223
What is the basic requirement for preparing drug master file , like EDMF , USDMF ? 1148
how v can identify functional groups by wet techniques? 624
What are the benefits/risks when company traditional and genetically engineered breeding? 718
what is structure of flower of species of Inula genus ? 418
Wats d criteria to make a shampoo in liquid or jelly form??? 431
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