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how many deviation allowed    0  2
the weight of the body at the centre of the earth is    1  8
Sir. I m a physics graduate can i help in bank with my physics subject...kindly reply id.    0  8
What is the meaning of 624 in DB-624 Capillary column used in GC?    0  14
Hello Dear all; I have a technical question related to analytical Chemistry, I have a sample of (40% w/w) Ferric Chloride solution (for water treatment purposes which consist a little portions of Ferrous Chloride and Hydrochloric acid. I need to know the methods to determine the percentages of each Ferrous Chloride and Chloride acid. Also I want to make sure that this solution is truly (40% w/w). So ANY CLUE !!! Thanks in advance.    0  11
If 2460 kj/kg of heat is addes to water at o C to produce wet steam at 1500 kpa, what is the dryness fraction?    1  13
what is difference b/w spectroscopy, Spectrometry and Spectrophotometry ?    0  25
How to Calibrate NMR instrument ?    0  13
What are the inorganic material eliminated in Sulphated Ash    0  14
whenever kf titration is done that time one result is high and second one lower ¬†results what to do.    0  21
Whhat is the justification for stability study in api missed stations through deviations and statistical analysis is required.    0  21
What should i do after completing my in Pure microbiology ? plz tell me i am very confuse about my carrier.    0  13
Explain band theory ?    1  20
why we use 254nm for caffeine analysis as it having maxima at different wavelength?    0  16
why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?    0  16
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Un-Answered Questions
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What large hairy spider from a city in Italy A. Vinecaliu B. Tarantula C. Both A and B D. None 52
Explain spectrophotometry? 545
concomitant administration of 6-mercaptopurine and which product results in severe bonemarrow suppression? 492
What was the first tree planted on the Earth? 236
what do you know about May-Grunwald -Giemsa staining? 588
What is the damage powdery mildew do on plants? 199
I have compare C2H2-air and C2H2-N2O flame AAS on determination calcium. Both use same range of std to plot calibration curve. (2-6ppm) When i measure the sample with phosphate, KCl and LaCl, C2H2-N2O flame give false positive result, around 0.5ppm. When i measure the sample with phosphste, KCl and EDTA. C2H2-N2O flame also give 0.5ppm false positive. But both above mentioned sample would not give false positive when measured by C2H2-air flame. What is the reason? 174
Describe about luciferase reporter assay? 335
How can we confirm the HPLC column is end-capped or not? Is it possible to identify by physical appearance? 506
when we calibrate uv for control of wavelength we scan for 200 to 800 nm but we get the result only for some specific wavelength how we confirm for all other wavelength? 356
in which direction the earth rotate around it's axis 35
Give an account on Bacterial two-component response regulator ? 188
compare the variation of bones on the forearm and the shanks of birds? 1018
Delay in receiving offer letter? Dear All, Recently I clear all technical and HR round with one good MNC. I've submitted my scan document of qualification and work experience. Evenafter 2 weeks of sending documents, they didn't release the offer letter. Please suggest me effective email contents to deal them. Thank You 530
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