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What should i do after completing my in Pure microbiology ? plz tell me i am very confuse about my carrier.    0  1
Explain band theory ?    1  3
why we use 254nm for caffeine analysis as it having maxima at different wavelength?    0  2
why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?    0  2
What is chiral and why this performing in HPLC    0  5
What is the difference between kf  and LOD    1  13
What happens inside of lymph nodes?    0  7
What is the colouring matter in plants called    1  14 can you obtain D flip-flop and t flip -flop using jk flip- flop? 2.2 derive the expression of susceptibility of atiferromagnetic materials above neel temperature?    0  8
What is the reason of RT change in new column v/s old column in HPLC    1  21
What is the reason for negative peak in HPLC while using UV detector.    0  13
Why Assay and CU test performed differently?    1  22
from hplc chromatogram how can we say that calibration is needed now?    0  11
Why we compare unequal concentrated solutions in heavy metals test. For example comparing the test solution with 1 ppm lead standard and telling it's less than 20ppm?    1  22
If mass balance is not passing in forced degradation in method validation that method is suitable or not?    0  10
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How to do Petrifilm? 336
Describe the environment where you do your best work in an organization? 370
Are there additional resources / individuals that you can recommend for my paper? 364
What is the use of automatic impedance hematology instrument? 333
is the big bang theory correct, because as I wondered the explosion is too powerful that no one could survive after galaxies were created no life exist on it after the 3.5 billion years life exist so... my question is were is the life came from? 276
What is the requirement to give RFlow when using RID detector? 317
what is the different in Total ash, sulphated ash, acid insoluble ash, alcoholic or non alcoholic ash? 1102
Flower position, stem length, and seed shape were three traits that were studied by Mendel. Each is controlled by an independently assorting gene. If a plant that is heterozygous for all three traits was allowed to self- fertilize, what proportion of the offspring would be expected to show all three dominant phenotypes? 999
Which amount of DMEM and Glutamine should be commaneded ? 395
Are PCR primers used for Mycoplasma detection? 332
How does water tranports from the soil to the plant? 282
Explain the evolution of plants? 237
What is the input and outpit of a distance based algorithm? 273
Describe the process of replication in viruses? 195
PUVA therapy is sometimes prescribed to psoriasis patients, but isn't that bad for their skin in terms of UV exposure? What do you recommend? 394
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