Sciences Interview Questions
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Who identified the Lytic Pnenomenon in Bacterial Cultures?,

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What are Interferons?,

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What are CDRs?, Aurobindo,

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What are Hybridomas?,

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What is the function of Restriction enzymes?,

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Nucleoids are stained with which stain?,

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What are Merodiploids?,

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What is enrichment culture?,

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What is heat shock response?

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What are Transpoons?,

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What is Antimicrobial index?

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What are Spheroplasts?

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What is Lytic cycle?

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What are Frame shift mutations?,

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What is gene conversion?

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Un-Answered Questions { Sciences }

DEscribe the Fixation of cell culture with Formaldehyde ?


in dissolution why pool sample needed? in which type of drug pool sample need?


How to sterlize yeast on mold plates?


i want to increase my ups back time ,i have added one 12v 68ah battery to my ups but it is not working ,is it possible to make adjustment so that new battery will work.


How to stock culture of anaerobic bacteria?


hi sir plz send me clerical exams model test papers for the preperation of indian bank exam am very thankful to you


any one have interview on 27 april please share the question as soon as possible because my interview on 28 april


how was highschool like for a person diagnosed with turner's syndrome? and really difficult subjects?


what is the type of cotyledon and venation present in the vinca?


what are some unique characteristics a magnolia has?


HI, I srinivas , was shortlisted for interview of Ph.D. PROGRAMMES FOR ACADEMIC SESSION 2012, I have interview on 17-nov-2011. Sir can you tell me about interview, how to prepare for it. How it will be? It's my first interview sir, i don't know how to face it. Kindly help me sir, Thanking yoU,


How can be set a responds factor for evaluating a unknown impurity by HPLC


What is "sour" soil? Is that the name by which it is commonly known, and what is the treatment for it?


why copper is a bad conducter at low temperature?


why does DMEM pH increase during Tissue culture ?