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meaning of HR policies    3  4907
How are training needs of an organization assessed?    3  3542
How can you prove that you are a team player? tcs   2  4225
what contents should be added in introduction part?    0  407
what are different topics are covered in ur hr paper? oswal   2  3084
what are the training methods? oswal   3  3209
in intervew they asked me u have done project in finance & y u want to do job in hr.plz msil me the ans.nd what is hr main defination of hr. magna-infotech   0  553
can some one be a technical recruiter in usa with dependent visa and no work permit having mba degree from india.please need answer urgently    0  394
what is 720 degree apprisal system?    7  15461
how do we do job analysis? and what are main methods? pls give examples? al-fahim   2  2490
how do we do job grading and what are main job grading methods pls explain? dubai-group   0  869
what are the main job evaluation methods and how do we use them pls give examples from ur particular sitution?    0  451
You are the manager of wage and salary administration in an organisation.What will influence your administration of wages and salaries for the employee in your organisation    2  2938
Why u want change from marketing to HR as you have done MBA having Marketing as majior and HR as minor?    0  389
Why are I am interested in Industrial Relation ?    2  2152
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Un-Answered Questions
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Mention 5 paramaters that you would consider while searching a candidate for the position of Vice President-Finance/HR for Copal Partners? 396
what are the methods to measure managerial effectiveness 3531
why is a personnel function required in all oganisations and how applicable are business objective to it. 388
Several types of interviews are commonly used depending on the nature & importance of the position to be filled within an organization. Explain the different types of Interviews 3858
what is the difference between organizational structure and design 2293
under what circumstances might personnel refer to have a job " aborted"? 329
What are the tasks of HR executive and manager? Why a student choose HR? 412
Can anyone tell me what is exactly mean by employer mapping in recruitment 870
What would you do for us? What could you do that someone else can’t 443
What is your experience with the meet and confer process? 433
What are the key isssues that should be addressed in the design, conduct, and evaluation of training programs? 378
if we have 10 identical ball & will have to find the one ball in 3 trials whose weight may be more or less than other.How we can do it. 367
Aside from the requiement to be reasonable and fair, what action should an employer take when faced with a redundancy situation to alleviate this? 341
what is difference between save option and active option 597
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