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American Express Interview Questions
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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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I want ALL ERROR codes in VSAM

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About yourSelf ?

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diff b/w debenture and bond?

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Can anyone tell me what is meant by "Mainframes Testing"? Also, Plz let me know what r all d responsibilities of a Manual Tester in Mainframes Testing? Plzzz reply!!

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what is data Abstraction? and give example

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Describe yourself as a third person?




Does the president have the power to allocate funds,without Legislative approval, to be used directly by individual companies?


what have you done since morning?

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What do you mean by deffered expenses?

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Suppose there is a SAS dataset with following values - Parent Child A B B C D E F G G H H I and so on….. This goes onto 1000s of observations/rows. Now how do we identify from this dataset Grandparents and Grandchildrens ?

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Why Do you want to join the call center

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why want to join amex


What is a code page in Informatica

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Un-Answered Questions

What are Chain code properties?


what is meant by sitemapnode ?


For elevated service Reservoirs what will be the output of each skilled carpenter and bar bender.


Where will be the maximum bending moment in a TEE Beam?


what are the main difference between saving with a bank and with insurance company.


sir please tel me how calucalte kwh if home taken load 30ams how maney kwh taken per day.and 3phase motor 5hp per hars how maney load teken and how mach kwh and forward me to electrical table for calicalte kwh and kvr and kvah


What are the main components of AMF panel. Is it required to use ATS in LT panel if DG is used as stand by supply? Please send any single line diagram showing AMF & LT panel etc., if possible please send to sreenu_207 @


What is test execution and when will we start execution please send me one example for this question


What is Insider Trading ?


Hi I am Krushna.I have already applied for PO post in Syndicate Bank.Can anybody send me the sample paper for Syndicate bank PO.


I have made a 3 phase thyristor full bridge rectifier. But at the moment it is working only for the half bridge operation. Both the half bridges are on operation separately but when i put it into full bridge operation the oscilloscope output is zero. I rechecked that the pulses are correct for each thyristor. what could be the possible reason for this?


How to limit the cut,copy and paste operations for an user in reportlevel? Can anyone please send me the steps as i am new to cognos?


What is the process to enhance the Infotype


What actually a SQA Tester do in His/ Her first (entry level) Job?


what does the interviewer mean by saying "have a good life " cheerfully at the end of an HR interview??? is this positive to be selected reply yes or no


American Express Interview Questions
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