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PCS Interview Questions
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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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what is the use of FOR ALL ENTRIES in an internal table?

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How can you get your MySQL root password, if you lost it?


PCS PLACEMENT PAPERS _________ Placement Paper 1

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what is the significance of process order over production order

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Who was the first Indian actress to receive the Padma Shri Award? A. Smita Patil B. Nargis Dutt C. Meena Kumari D. Madhubala

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What is the position of President in the executive? (a) Real executive (b) Constitutional head of the government (c) Constitutional head of the State (d) Head of the party in power

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The place with least rainfall in India is: (a) Leh (b) Bikaner (c) Jaisalmer (d) Jaipur

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difference between cursor and procedure in a package

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what is place holder column

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can any one give the format of writing test cases in excel sheet.

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Of the following, the busiest oceanic trade route is 1 Panama Canal 2 Seuz Canal 3 Cape route 4 North Atlantic route

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Explain the concept of abstracion and encapsulation with one example. What is the difference between them?

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Un-Answered Questions

1) How other modules are integrated with FI 2) What is a variant how the Fiscal year variant works, what is the indication -1 or +1 denotes 3) What are the controls you have to consider when you create GL master


I am currently doing my btech in computer science in Coimbatore.I had intererest to do btech in chemical enginerring but couldnt get a seat. Now what are my options ,scope and future if i take mtech in chemical enginerring? And can i apply for any deemed colleges for mtech chemical enginerring through gate taking my present state into consideration(btech in cse and mtech in chemical enginerring)


SUTIABLE FOR ohm's law super conductor


any one have C-Dot interview question.....its urgent ...if any one hav..plzz share as soon as possible.


What are the general trends in trade?


importance of reactive power management


What are the types of the glands and difference between single and double compression type of cable Glands.


write a C++ program for booking using constructor and destructor.


What is a magnetic valve of refrigeration system?


How much minimum insulation required between 11kv/3.3kv transformer windings?


npa is either person or account


Can we use ST-38 outward form for a sale of Rs-100000/- with in the state i.e haryana


. Given that 2Hg2+ (aq) + 2 e- Hg22+(aq) E0 =0.92V Hg22+ (aq) + 2 e- 2Hg(l) E0 =0.85V Calculate standard free energy change and K for the following process at 25oC Hg22+(aq) Hg2+ (aq) + Hg(l)


A set of N billiard balls are set on a one-dimensional table. The table is 1 meter long, set north-south with two pockets at either side. Each ball has zero width and there is no friction so it is moving with a fixed velocity of either northward or southward and bounces back in a perfect elastic collision from other balls it encounter on its way (or drop into one of the pockets). Your job is to keep track of the balls movements. Task Please write a program that gets the initial place, speed and direction of all the balls and gives the position of a specific ball after t seconds. Input The first line contains the number of scenarios. Each one of the other lines in the input contains a scenario: The first number, N, is the number of balls; followed by N pairs of numbers: the distance in centimeters from the south end of the table and the speed (positive speed meaning it moves northward); the last two numbers are the number i of the target ball you should track and the time T in seconds. Output The output is a single number for each line which is the place (distance in centimeters from the south end of the table) of the tracked ball after T seconds. Note: There is no new line character at the end of the result. Sample Input 5 1 50 1 1 1000 1 50 1 1 6 1 60 -2 1 6 2 10 1 95 -1 2 30 2 10 1 95 -1 2 60 Sample Output 100 56 48 65 70


How can we Maintain the Cube Security by Category level and Dimension level ?


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