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Capital IQ Interview Questions
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what is the BRS

13 16401

what is stockslit?

3 6614

consolidate balance sheet

3 2770

holding company&subsidary

2 3416

price earning ratio

5 6543


8 8125

all accounting concept

8 6225

intrest rate swaps

2 6130

defferd revenue exp

6 12879

What are three report formats that are available in Excel?

5 11925

what is bridge finance

5 4348

what is mean by debit purchase

5 4809

Hello every one i'm going to interview for as an account profile company is construction works so plz guys help me about furthering interview question


Reach analysis


What are the frequently asked questions for interview in capital iq company ?


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Un-Answered Questions

what are the install base location parameters?


state the role of cost accounting in large scale industry


How do you think you would get a physician to switch to drug?


hi any body pls give me company name interview conduct "c" language only


what is current check gurd relay?


how sensors are working?


i wrote a pl/sql procedure. it must run every sunday 4.40 How can i schedule it with the help of dbms_jobs (or another other procedure with out creating bat file,exe file)


What is Salt Filter?


how to send sms using wml am using submit when am clicking send it stored into the out box.


i want BHEL electronics and communication placement papers.


If 2,00000 amount is given and make it share to 55 employees as per pf? anyone give me a detailed explantion based on this type of questions..Thanqu Preethi


How can i explain my project during interview?many time i expalain my project but they did't accept? please explain me.


i have 7 year experience in pharma as medical representative you are fresher for area salse manager why we shoud slect you for ABM in our organization?


i want to add 2 records to a table but the last field in the table is 1000 char long.Is it possible?if yes how?


I want measure the volumetric flow of gas in waste heat recovery Boiler?Tell me how and which type of instruments required. Plz mail Sam please post the answer .


Capital IQ Interview Questions
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