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Capital IQ Interview Questions
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what is the capital

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Why should you consider yourself fit to be hired by jindal steel.


what is debit balance of p&l a/c show in asset side of b/s?

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what is meant by working capital?

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what is capital employed?

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what is share slipt and its typea?

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why did you chose this specialization( finane,HR)

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what is the difference between PROVISION & RESERVE ?

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What is GAAP ?

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Gross Profit Margin ?

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What is finance lease? What are bonus Shares? entry for it. What is Depreciation? What is the Journal Entry? What is DPS? What is minority Interest? where it is shown?


Capital market

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how to calculate surplus?

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What is marginal costing?

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Un-Answered Questions

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Capital IQ Interview Questions
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