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Capital IQ Interview Questions
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can anyone give the journal entry with the amount 10 tv bought in the business for 1000 each, out of which one is installed.

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What is standing order

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We can add the no. of increase in shares due to exercise of the options.Why diluted eps is calculated separatey?


we can add the no. of increase in shares due to exercise of options,convertible debentures,warrants etc.Why diluted eps is calculated separately?


what is accounting concept? explian in brief?

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diff between eqiuty share & preference shares

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why companies put ltd and pvt ltd,what is the difference?

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What do u mean by Derivatives and its types?

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what is meant by spin off?

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what is representative personal accounts?? explain with examples...

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wat is the golden rule of accounting

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What is cash profit

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genteral interview question for accounting

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what is contingent liability

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what is book building


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Un-Answered Questions

As jobs become more team-oriented, assessment centers will be used more often for non-rnanagement jobs. Do you agree or disagree?


For which type of projects the iterative model is not suitable?


in our co we are sales of good to branch in order sales+fright, branch made jv entry in own book as full amount debit and credit. now our book show sales without freight but branch shows including freight that why differences is arise due to wrong entry passes pls clarify this entry and this entry is done last year book now balance is finalize.


What is Rectification in image prosesing ?


Someone who protect my excel file, m using ms office 2007 and windows 7 operating system, pls help me, how can i unprotect sheet


effects of video games?


what is access key? how it is obtained? i was asked access key while creating data transfer routine


what are your career plans upon completion of the programme and the relevance of recity generation to your professional development?


Hi Sudhananda, plz send me the QTP framework with any diagram and PPTS . I want to switch to automatio, I done QTP from professional person, but he does not give me his knowledge properly. so pls help me Thaks send me on following address


What are some other hard problems ?


what are the specifications we must look at to select a relay for any capacity motor?


Why purity angle should be less than purity threshold in peak purity


i want to know f form and how to use and how can purchase


in 100 cft = 1350 bricks in 100 cft = ? bloks


What interests you about this job?


Capital IQ Interview Questions
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