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Capital IQ Interview Questions
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what is the capital budect

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what is minority interest

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what do you mean by cash profit

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In what way does option issuer benefit

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hi iam ram can any one help me in how to get previous test papers for JMGs 1 promotion exam which were published by js institute banglore


what is trial balance? How to prepare trial balance?

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what is a journal entery of goodwill?

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What is Mar-gen Of Safety ?

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what is letter of credit

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what is loan of hypothecation

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what are non operating expencess

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what is mean by tds

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Journal entry of outstanding wages is Wages a/c dr TO O/s wages a/c In the Above journal entry why outstanding wages has to be credited ? and o/s wages comes under which account, and why (Personal, Real, Nominal)

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Is vendor statement recon done as two way process? Statement to Ledger Ledger to stement?

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Dear sir... am student from(Business mgnt) TU, I got59% in 2nd sem' but i didn't attended for my 1st internal assesment exams in 1st sem' so, i got overall percentage up to 2nd sem' is 54%........ i can get 60% of marks till the complete of my course Q: Can i attend the interview in our college with this percentage? < >

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Capital IQ Interview Questions
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