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What are Homogeneous system copy and Heterogeneous system copy and how you will do that?


4 SAP Basis 8092

How to import the OSS notes?


3 SAP Basis 9321

What is OCS and How to apply OCS Patches ?


2 SAP Basis 20642

What is Transport domain and Domain controller?

HCL, Infosys, Patni,

5 SAP Basis 35084

Why do we need to apply support package thru client 000?

Bristle Cone, Logica CMG,

6 SAP Basis 16025

Why can't we do it thru some other client?

SAP Basis 1192

What is Consolidation route and delivery routes?

7 SAP Basis 12824

How to define Logon groups? And what is Logon load balancing?

3 SAP Basis 19627

For an ABAP only system, do we have to SSL?


3 SAP Basis 7604

What is the procedure involved in doing a system-copy?


16 SAP Basis 16524

How to handle the situation where-in SAP isn't available?

1 SAP Basis 6550

What is the difference between Synchronous and asynchronous transports?

4 SAP Basis 22673

How to configure regular transactions such as MM01 to view archived data?


2 SAP Basis 6718

How to set the trace level for file dev_rd?

3 SAP Basis 13871

How to increase tables space, resizing, backups and in what situation are these done?

1 SAP Basis 6674

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