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Question { Google, 12354 }

why should i hire u


Am hard working and innovative with a huge knowledge about
the world,technolgy and sciences and i think i can put the
skills,work and innovation for the company and hence leading
the company to top ranked.

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Question { Persistent, 7005 }

why Java is not purely object oriented?


java is not purely Object Oriented bcoz java is both
compiled and interpreted.
as we knoe c is a compiled language(structured language
,procedural language)
where as java is compiled and interpreted.
therefore we can say that java is object oriented but not
purely object oriented.

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Question { InterGraph, 8234 }

What is a must for multitasking?
a) Process preemption
b) Paging
c) Virtual memory
d) None of the above


a)process preemption

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Question { TCS, 12496 }

what is page hit in operating system?


if the searched page is found in cache memory then it will
be a hit
if it is not found in cache memory then it is miss.

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Question { Google, 18557 }

how to print a message to console without using main()
function?(do not use even static blocks also.)


class testing
public testing()

public class Demo
static testing t = new testing();
public Demo()

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Question { 2227 }



non volatile ram

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Question { FCS, 8564 }

how to store and retrive a set of values without using an


import java.util.*;
public class Store
public static void main(String args[])
("enter number of elements to be stored");
Scanner cin=new Scanner(;
int n=cin.nextInt();
Vector v=new Vector();
for(int i=0;i {
System.out.println("the elements in vector are"+v);

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Question { IBM, 17852 }

how many keywords are present in "c"?



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Question { 9907 }

How can we get the details for printing the employee
details at run time using JDBC connectivity? can u provide
the coding for that? Its urgent?


import java.sql.*;
public class Employeedetails
public static void main(String args[])
Statement st=con.createStatement();
ResuleSet rs=st.executeQuery("select * from emp");//this
executes the query and get all the details from the table
System.out.println("EId Ename Salary\n");
"+rs.getString(2)+" "+rs.getString(3));

}//here 1 2 3 mentioned are the indices which are unique and
instead of 1 2 3 u can also provide the name of that
particular column name
and getXXX(index) ,here xxx is the type of the column like
int or float or string
catch(Exception e)


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Question { Infosys, 22730 }

how to create a (*)pyramid using java codes???


import*;//package inherited from java class
import java.lang.*;
import java.util.*;
public class Pyramid
public static void main(String args[])throws IOException
System.out.println("Enter the height");
Scanner cin=new Scanner(;
int n=cin.nextInt();
System.out.println("Enter the height of pyramid:");
for(int i=1;i<=n;i++){
for(int j=1;j<=(n-i);j++){
System.out.print(" ");
for(int k=1;k System.out.print("* ");

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Question { IBM, 4900 }

How Can I Trace A Java Program . Please Give Me Step by Step


//consider the follwing program part

for(int k = 0; k < 10; k++);
int k = 9
while(k < 10)
//now lets trace the program as follows
start, at the for loop, k is initialized to 0 with a scope
local to the for loop itself.
k = 0
Is it less than 10? yup, so we enter the loop.
Next, we have output,
Since there is no brackets, the for loop applies only to the
very next line. In this case, the output. So, return to the
top of the loop, k increments by 1
k = 1
and we proceed again since 1 < 10.
The output "hi" is printed again.
Go back to the top of the loop, increment k, and recheck the
loop condition of k < 10. The above cycle repeats until k is
incremented and equals 10. Since 10 is not less than 10,
exit the for loop.
k = 10
Now, declare an integer k to be equal to 9.
k = 9
Note it has local scope to this part of the program but,
since the for for loop previous one is gone from memory, so
too is the integer k that it (the loop) declared.
Thus, there is no conflict. So, an integer variable k (one
different from the last) is now = 9

Check the while boolean condition and k is less than 10 so
enter the while loop.
Next, print the output
Next, increment k by 1 ("k++") so
k = 10
Check the while loop conditional again but, this time, it's
false. k is not less than 10 anymore. So, exit the while loop.

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Question { 26662 }

What do you mean by an array ? explain with an example


Array is a collection of elements of similar data type and
these elements are stored in continuous memory locations.
int a[5] in c
creates an array of size 5 in continuos memory locations
whose indices will be 0,1,2,3,4.
in java A array in Java is like a fixed number of slots,
each slot holds a item, and all of them the same type.
int[] A;//array declaration in java
A=new int[10]; // 10 is the number of items
// now A is declared, and have assigned a value (initialized).

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