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When will the testing starts? a)Once the requirements are complete b)In requirement phase


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What is the first test in software testing process a)Monkey testing b)Unit Testing c)Static analysis d)None of the above


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Which of the following, we cannot include in a compiled module? a)check points b)analog statements c)reporting statemnts


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What are cookies? tell me the advantage and disadvantage of cookies?

AZTEC, College School Exams Tests,

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what is the difference between reference key and foreign key


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What is HTTP and TCP/IP


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What is application server and what is web server?


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What are the different types of joins


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Question { Wipro, 77565 }

What is the difference between Product-based company and
Projects-based company?


Product-based company : Basing on all the users (not
restricted to specific type of customers). All the users in
the world can use their products.

Project-bases comapny : Basing on the specific customer.

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Question { HCL, 26321 }

Suppose " You are given a build with 5 modules to test as
per the Customer request after finalization of SRS, But the
SRS contains only documentation about 4 modules. On what
basis you will continue the testing of 5th module." ?


I think we do Adhoc Testing. Upto 4 modules we first check
the functionality. After that we do the Adhoc on the 5th
Generally we do Adhoc Testing, when there is no clear
specifications or when the time is less.

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Question { Logica CMG, 7982 }

what is test procedure?


A Test Procedure is a document, which provides detailed
instructions to execute one or more test cases. (or) Test
Procedure defines the series of steps necessary to execute
two or more test Cases.
These Test Procedure also includes the data necessary to
execute the test cases.

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Question { 5812 }

Tell me the Script to close winrunner from the script


load_dll ("user32.dll");
extern int PostMessageA (in long, in long, in long, in
win_get_info (" {class: window, label: \"!
WinRunner.*\"}", "handle", hWnd);
PostMessageA (hWnd, 16, 0, 0);

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Question { 22625 }

what is meant by virtual users.what is the purpose of it.


We use Virtual User concepts in LoadRunner(LR). In LR we
create Scripts for one user. Now we create as many VUsers
as we want through LR. Once we create the VUsers, LR
performs the actions with the number of VUsers we created
and measures the performance.

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Question { 9017 }

suppose we r executing 10 test cases.let us assume one test
case(like 5th test case) failed. then as a test engineer
what u will u do?is it app problem or u'r s"?


Once we got the build, we need to execute all the test
cases in Test Summary Report. If any test case fails, then
we need to submit the bug in bug-tracking tool. After
completion of execution of all test case execution, we need
to send the Test Summary Report to the Dev. Team. By using
the Bug Tracking tool and Test Summary Report Dev. team
knows what are the scenarios the application fails.

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Question { Accenture, 20602 }

what is test log? tell the process?


A test log is nothing but, what are the test cases we r
executed, in what order we executed, who executed that test
cases and what is the status of the test case(pass/fail).

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Question { CTS, 6915 }

What is object repository?


Object repository is nothing but a place, where all the
information(methods and properties) about GUI Objects in
your application is stored.
Here also we r having 2 types of object repositories:
1. Per Test OR(default)
2. Shared OR.
This is same GUI Map file we use in WR.

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Question { Belly, 27065 }

What is the first test in software testing process
a)Monkey testing
b)Unit Testing
c)Static analysis
d)None of the above


Hi Naresh,
Static analysis means, just go through the code without
creating any executable or binaries. Just c the code and
finding defects is static analysis. Even it is with
intention of finding the 'errors' in program or check for
the defects, it is not the testing we conduct.
My option goes for Unit Testing only, because this the
first test we conduct for any product/project. All prior to
dynamic testing are QA related activities.

correct me if i am wrong.

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Question { Belly, 5697 }

Which of the following, we cannot include in a compiled
a)check points
b)analog statements
c)reporting statemnts


The content of a compiled module differs from that of an
ordinary test: it cannot include checkpoints or any analog
input such as mouse tracking.
Unlike an ordinary test, all data objects (variables,
constants, arrays) in a compiled module must be declared
before use.

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