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After completion of all programs integration and
testing,the seperate team is concentrating on System
testing on that Build or AUT.
System Testing is divided into 3 categories.
1) Usability Testing
2)Functional Testing
3)Non-Functional Testing

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This is done by Testers. During this testing process
testers will verify the correctness of the system by using
following system techniques.

1.GUI or Usability testing
2.Functionality testing
3. Performance testing
4. Security or penetration testing.

Reply / e.tirumala reddy

the testing conducted on the compleate intigrated system to
evaluate the system complaints with its specified
requirement called as system testing.

during this only test engineers are involving
they verifies the actual beheaviour of the application
it ic conducted wrt to srs documents.

it is divided in to
<a>usability testing
<c>non-functionality testing
<d>performance testing
<e>security testing.

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After the application is developed and tested ,it needs to
be deployed in client requirements environment(Operating
Sys,web browser etc) and needs to be tested.This level of
testing is known as System Testing and done by test

Reply / mrunalini

System Testing is NOT
1)Usability Testing
2)Functional Testing
3)Non-Functional Testing

It is defined to be Stress and Performance testing by
variosu authors on QA. It is esentially testing of system
architecture to check if the system can take perform given
a certain load and if can give required output in time.

System testing is not testing system so test everything
related to the the system like its gui, functionality etc.
There are many application having no gui and a single

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"System Testing is also known as INSTALLATION TESTING.This
is the most important part for Software testers.Programmers
check the Integration of modules and pack them,while Testers
will evaluate the package and make sure each and every
functionality is working and installed properly on the
customer platform and making sure the application dosnt
crash or leave the Customer system damaged.So testing the
Test the installer appropriately with combination of both
manual and automated processes on different machines with
different configuration.

Reply / keerthi vardhan.b

# GUI software testing
# Usability testing
# Performance testing
# Compatibility testing
# Error handling testing
# Load testing
# Volume testing
# Stress testing
# User help testing
# Security testing
# Scalability testing
# Capacity testing
# Sanity testing
# Smoke testing
# Exploratory testing
# Ad hoc testing
# Regression testing
# Reliability testing
# Recovery testing
# Installation testing
# Idempotency testing
# Maintenance testing
# Accessibility testing,

are considered as part of System Testing.
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Reply / koti

once application deploying in to the environment if one
perform the tg on the s/m is known as s/m tg its a black
box testing usally done by the test enginners

Reply / k.vidhyasudhakaran

System testing is nothing but checking both the functional
and non-functional testings are working fine, before
deploying the build into the production environment.

Reply / priya

basic question for computer

Reply / arpit taran

1.unit testing
2.integration testing
3.stub testing
4.acceptance testing
5.alpha testing
6.beta testing

Reply / sitam jana

System testing is the process of testing an integrated system
to verify that it meets specified requirements.

System testing is concerned with the behavior of the whole
system/product as defined by the scope of a development
project or product.

The main focus of system testing is verification against
specified requirements. It can be of two types - functional
and non-functional system testing.

Reply / sheelu hussain

Testing the behavior of the whole software/system as defined
in software requirements specification(SRS) is known as
system testing/non-functional testing/characteristic
testing, its main focus is to verify that the customer
requirements are fulfilled or not.

During this testing corresponding testing team can
concentrate on below sub-tests:

* Usability Testing
* Compatibility/Portability Testing
* Configuration Testing
* Inter system/ SOA system Testing
* Data volume Testing
* Performance Testing
* Multilangvity testing
* Security Testing
* Installation Testing
* Parallel Testing

The test types followed in system testing differ from
organization to organization due to lack of resources,lack
of time to deliver the project n lack of skills

For example to conduct security testing testers need to
have the knowledge on Hacking... and at the same time its
not mandatory to them to learn it. So due to lack of skills
some organizations may skip this.