char *p="GOOD";

char a[ ]="GOOD";

printf("\n sizeof(p) = %d, sizeof(*p) = %d, strlen(p) = %d",
sizeof(p), sizeof(*p), strlen(p));

printf("\n sizeof(a) = %d, strlen(a) = %d",
sizeof(a), strlen(a));


main() { char *p="GOOD"; char a[ ]="GOOD"; printf(&qu..

Answer / susie

Answer :

sizeof(p) = 2, sizeof(*p) = 1, strlen(p) = 4

sizeof(a) = 5, strlen(a) = 4


sizeof(p) => sizeof(char*) => 2

sizeof(*p) => sizeof(char) => 1


sizeof(a) => size of the character array => 5

When sizeof operator is applied to an array it returns the
sizeof the array and it is not the same as the sizeof the
pointer variable. Here the sizeof(a) where a is the
character array and the size of the array is 5 because the
space necessary for the terminating NULL character should
also be taken into account.

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