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How do you find whether a record is locked or not?

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How do you find whether a record is locked or not?..

Answer / kcsyam

with the help of *STATUS code = 01218(Locked)

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How do you find whether a record is locked or not?..

Answer / naga srinivas.kattula

using WRKOBJLCK we can check which workstation and pgm
locking the file

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i would like to know under what circumstance the object will get locked on AS400.

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am 2010 passed out . can any one tell me which course is good to put 2+fake .guide me

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How to add 2 new fields in a file? How many ways are there in as400?

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If the last record of a file has been read, and the next operation on that file is a READ operation, what will be the values of the input fields for that file? A. They will be blank and/or zero. B. They will be null. C. They will equal the values of the first record in the file. D. They will equal the values of the last record read.

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what do you mean by SESSION/DEVOCE ERROR?

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Set on command is used for closed all opened files , initialize var and release resource , return cmd is used for return to calling program but my req. Is dnt close opened files and resource must released while doing transactions , how can i do this...?

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How can we search particular records from the database file in RPG. For example, there are 100 records in the file.i need to retrieve all the records matching/equal to the particular 'NAME' field. How can we do the above using SEARCH criteria other than using the IF cond?

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1.Suppose my file has 10 fields and I want to make the 2nd field Zeros in all records. And assume I have millions of records and I dont want to read each record and update the desired field with 0. Any other way to do this in one step operation? 2. Assume my file has 100 records and I want to see only first 10 records. Is this possible through LF? 3.I have 3 jobs A B and C. I want to submit B after successful completion of A and want to submit C after successful completion of B. Without using job scheduler or job queue, how can i do that through CL program? 4.What is difference between Bind by copy and bind by reference?

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Setps to create .csv file on IFS folder in AS/400( V4R3)....?

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