I am executing a scenario for 48 hours. My controller is
on remote host, so I am using RDC. After some 24 hours my
remote session got terminated as it is put idle for some
time. When I tried to open the result file(As it is Auto
Collated and saved in the results folder), it is giving
error. Is there any way that I can see the results for
which the remote session is terminated? Please help in
resolving this.

Hi, I am executing a scenario for 48 hours. My controller is on remote host, so I am using RDC...

Answer / amitabh

1. Click Start, point to Programs (or Control Panel),
Administrative Tools and choose Terminal Services Configuration.
2. Open the Connections folder in tree by clicking it once.
3. Right-click RDP-Tcp and select Properties.
4. Click the Sessions tab.
5. Make sure "Override user settings" is checked.
Set Idle session limit to the maximum of 2 days instead of
the default 2
6. Click Apply.
7. Click OK to confirm message "Configuration changes have
been made to the
system registrynd the RDC session time

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