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3. Name three words or characteristics that describe this
Web site.

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

I will give you 200 test cases and you should complete those test cases within 1 hour. What is your next step?

2 Answers   DFF,

how can we upload manual test cases in testdirector

1 Answers  

How can you optimize the Test Case.

1 Answers   Subex,

What can be done if requirements are changing continuously?

5 Answers   Oracle,

I like to learn testing. What else i need to learn before starting testing course. I am thinking C C++ SQL ORACLE.This courses are sufficient before learning Manual or Automated Testing. Please Suggest me. Thanks

1 Answers  

What is the main difference between Smoke and sanity testing? Can u plz give me some examples? And to answer in interwview?

3 Answers   Thought Works,

what is the difference between Client server application and web based application

6 Answers   HCL,

!.why do you go for white box testing ,when black box testing is available ?

5 Answers  

6)If a project produces 1000 defects per 150 function points, then it is a: A)Baseline B)Benchmark C)Size D)None

6 Answers   Mind Tree,

can any explain about healthcare domain plz, yhis is my,,,plz dont ignore this

1 Answers  

What is test design???

5 Answers   HCL, IBM,

what are the risk factors in the project? what is the base for testplan and entry criteria ,exit criteria for test plan?

1 Answers