High sevirity, low prority bug

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High sevirity, low prority bug..

Answer / rajeshwar reddy

A page is rarely accessed, or some activity is performed
rarely but that thing outputs some imp. data incorrectly,
or corrupts the data, this will be a bug of H severity L

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High sevirity, low prority bug..

Answer / deepak arora

Suppose i am accessing yahoo mail and system crashes at
99th unsuccessful login attempt.This can be a high
severity ,low priority bug.

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High sevirity, low prority bug..

Answer / arthieviswa

Consider the project contains three modules. two modules
have been finished and one module is yet to finish.still we
have two months remaining to finish this module. at that
time if we found a major defect in the module(high
severity). but still we have more days to complete(low
i think so you have understood..
if any query... mail me

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High sevirity, low prority bug..

Answer / rabi

actually in our database date format is mm/dd/yyyy.when
wever i am entering date likeas 10.ap.2008.it is aceepting.
but that field is date of birth.i.e mandotory.this is HS~LP

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