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What are the different type of bank accounts maintained in tally

1 Answers   Telco,

when apply for ragistred in central excise no

0 Answers   Gripwel Fasteners,

as per partership firm TDS receivable at the end of goes to partners current account, but at the multinational company how pass TDS entry pass, where is it is goes

1 Answers  

In SAP FICO How many ways we are Procuring the assets in the Company?

0 Answers   Spectra Soft,

What is bad debt ? how does it effects on Balance sheet and profit and loss account?

5 Answers  

What type of questions in accouting point of respect they ask genrally plz help me find out this.

0 Answers   Banking,

how much is the salary for a BANK PO ? how much do you get actuly in hand?

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Which element do you need to enter during document posting to distinguish between international and local GAAP (generally accepted accounting principle)?(any 2 answer) • Account group for the account approach • Ledger for the ledger approach • Ledger group for the ledger approach • Account for the account approach

0 Answers   IBM,

what is zero balance clearing a/c. why we r maintaining this a/c in sap fico

4 Answers   Reliance,

when will be prepared the company accounts

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explain about mergers & aquisitions? asked on 30/7/09

0 Answers   FactSet Systems,

Basic difference between CENVAT AND CST ?

2 Answers