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Answer / ravi


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Answer / sunil venkat katkade

16 8 12 30 105 ?
0.5 1.5 2.5. 3.5. 4.5
Ans. 105×4.5=472.5

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Answer / yogesh


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a=2,b=3,c=6 c/(a+b)-(a+b)/c=?

10 Answers   HCL,

All of the tickets for 2 music concerts, X and Y, were either purchased or given away, and the ratio of X tickets to Y was 2 to 1. Of the total number of X tickets and Y tickets, what percentage was purchased? 1) The total number of X tickets and Y tickets, is 240. 2) Of the X tickets, exactly 60% were purchased, and of the Y tickets, exactly 80% were purchased. a) if statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) alone is not sufficient to answer the question. b) if statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) alone is not sufficient to answer the question. c) if BOTH statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question asked, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient. d) if EACH statement ALONE is sufficient to answer the question asked. e) if statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient to answer the question asked, and additional data specific to the problem are needed.

0 Answers   Valtech,

During a trip to a wildlife safari, 29 tourists clicked photographs of tigers, 21 clicked photos of elephants, 26 clicked photos of deer; 14 clicked photos of elephants and deer, 12 clicked photos of tigers and elephants, 15 clicked photos of deer and tigers, and 8 clicked photos of all the three animals. Each tourist took at least one photograph. 1. How many tourists went to the wildlife safari? 2. How many tourists clicked photographs of tigers only?

4 Answers   Infosys,

Some toys were distributed equally among 18 children in such a way that the number of toys each child gets is equal to the total number of children and after distribution 6 toys are left out. What was the total number of toys? (a) 324 (b) 330 (c) 336 (d) 320 (e) None of these

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0 is represented by * 1 by $ 4 is $** 3 is ** wat wud be the value of 340 - 32

5 Answers   Amdocs,

i want some model question papers in banking sector

1 Answers   HDFC,

How many tangents can be drawn with in three circles if they do not lie with in each other

2 Answers   Geometric Software,

find missing no 5 12 23 30 17 8 ? 3

11 Answers   HCL,

In a square , all the mid points are joined. the inner square is shaded. If the area of the square is A, what is the shaded area?

4 Answers   IBM,

Sum of two consecutive nos is 55, larger one is?

3 Answers   Geometric Software,

In a certain code language TRANSPORT is written as RTASNPORT. How will the word GATEHOUSE be written in that code language ? (a) ETGAHOESU (b) ETAGHESUO (c) AGTHEOUSE (d) AGETHUOES (e) None of these

5 Answers  

plz mail me previous year KVB clerical papers and model of the exam

0 Answers   Karur Vysya Bank KVB,