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anyone can explain about "Hybrid framework" in QTP

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anyone can explain about "Hybrid framework" in QTP ..

Answer / anji

Hybrid frame is the combination of keyword driven framework
and data driven frame work.

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anyone can explain about "Hybrid framework" in QTP ..

Answer / krishnateja muppalla

Combination of two is called hybrid. Among Modular, Keyword Driven and Data Driven.

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anyone can explain about "Hybrid framework" in QTP ..

Answer / sandeepguttikonda

The word framework tell us it is am outline sketch or it a
planning we do before perfomring the task and also it
indicates what we do too.

Here in QTP frameworks are braodly divided into 4 types:
1) Linear Frmework
2) Action Framework or Modular Framework
3) Data Driven Framework
4) Keyword Driven Framework

Note: Any combination of above listed frameworks known as
Hybrid Framework.

Linear Framework: Here we prepare the script using record
and playback method.

Modular or Action Framework: Here we prepare the script
using Reusable Action. Here we have multiple action in role
play and follows Master Action and Sub actions (Reusable
actions) concept.

Data Driven Framework: Here we drive the script with the
help of data in the sheets.
Example: A login page having username and password and
login button.

We need to test the whether the members of the page are
successfully logging in or not into the page.

Hence here we right the script in one action and test with
multiple test data driving from the sheets.

Keyword Driven Framework: Here we prepare the script by
using the functions and drive the script with the keywords
(function Names).

Hybrid Framework: Most in End to end scenario cases (
System Integration Testing) we will go for Hybrid Framework.

If you need any further info, please let me know.


Sandeep Guttikonda.

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anyone can explain about "Hybrid framework" in QTP ..

Answer / rahul

The most commonly implemented framework of all this
combination of the Test script modularity framework,test
library architecture framwork,keyword-driven(or)table
driven framework,data driven framework techniuqes.They are
stringed together such a way that their strengths are
included and their weaknesses are mitigated.

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anyone can explain about "Hybrid framework" in QTP ..

Answer / umesh

Hybrid Framework is the combination of Keyword and Modular

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