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  • iFocus interview questions (5)

iFocus Interview Questions
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Difference between array and arraylist.

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can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


can we call a test in another test?

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can we call a test in another test? how? explain with one example?

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what r the arguments in imagecheck in loadrunner vugenerator?

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Using which language Test cases are added in .ptu file of RTRT unit testing???


what is mean by oracle?And how it is used?


I need a MATLAB source code to recognize different regular geometric shapes such as: squares,rectangles,triangles,circles and ellipses in different sizes using neural network. All of the images containing these shapes should be in binary format with the size of 300*400 pixels. would you please give me a MATLAB code to detect these geometric shapes?


a x company deduct tds against our bills so how i entry this type of transaction in talyy 9.0 ?


In the ACB breaker capacity is 2000Amp but this each phase taken 1250 But total beldibg load is 600amp or 700amp watt is the problem


what are wrappers and build ups and what it's use?


i m a 1st year student my senior asks me 2 give intro wht will a impressive answer




VSS performance is extremely slow?


How to print a TStringGrid or a TDBGrid ?


How convergengr of nr method is not dependent on selection of slack bus and how gauss siedel method depends?


Vibromotor 252MV 1/4HP2P..what is mean by 252MV?


How to index LF by relative record no (RRN)


What are the hierarchy relevant parameters?


Will any motor burn if voltage provided is lesser than the rated voltage???? If yes, then how is speed control possible with voltage control


iFocus Interview Questions