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Expand ________GST..

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Thanks for the attempt Shivani. Why you are not interested
to answer all the questions posted under Tax Time. If
needed I will send you a KEY for all the questions. Pl send
your mail id immediately

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Expand ________GST..

Answer / shiwani

General Sale tax

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Answer / vinay valmiki


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Answer / sandeep

Goods services tax for GST


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hai everybody... wish u all the best for those who got selected in sbi associate bank is anyone from coimbatore region attending on 27th may 2009.

0 Answers   State Bank Of India SBI,

do we have to learn all the shortcutkeys in tally.i am from non commerce background ,where should i start from.

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Q5 Prepare a Balance sheet from the following particulars: Gross profit =Rs.80,000 Gross profit to cost of goods sold =1/3 Stock velocity =6 times Opening stock =Rs.36,000 Accounts receivable velocity =72 days (year=360 days) Current assets=Rs.1,50,000 Account payable velocity=90 days Bills receivable =Rs.20,000 Bills payable=Rs.5,000 Fixed assets turnover ratio (on cost of goods sod)=8 times

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interest paid comes under which head

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how to see monthly entries in tally7.2

4 Answers  

employee contribution towards PF can be taken as expenses or not

1 Answers  

1.In SAP T-code MIR 44 is used for what purpose? 2. What are the entires for Depreciation? 3.Trade discount comes under; account b.P/L account c. balance sheet 4. T- code F-44 is used to reverse po entry?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini,

How do we treat Bad debts... how to create provision/reserve for bad debts? show an example journal... for creating provision and then writting off debtors

7 Answers   Axis Risk Consulting,

How you implemented a chargeback system?

0 Answers   Wipro,

what s BSPL and its significance?

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what is a Depository Participant?

0 Answers   Mellon,

If we (Company Side) call a engginier (supplier) for Repair & Maintenance & arrange loading & boarding for him, then this loading & Boarding expens will be booked in Repair & Maintenance or Entertainment.

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