What is meant by debt fund.

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What is meant by debt fund...

Answer / monty

debt fund in simpler form- the fund borrowed from
outsiders. like debentures, bonds, secured and unsecured

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What is meant by debt fund...

Answer / ramana

Debt fund is bond and unsecured bond corporate certificates

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What is meant by debt fund...

Answer / suryaprakash

An investment pool, such as a mutual fund or exchange-
traded fund, in which core holdings are fixed income
investments. A debt fund may invest in short-term or long-
term bonds, securitized products, money market instruments
or floating rate debt. The fee ratios on debt funds are
lower, on average, than equity funds because the overall
management costs are lower.

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What is meant by debt fund...

Answer / v.yuvraj

the fund borrowed from outsiders. debntures, bonds. secured
and unseucred

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What is meant by debt fund...

Answer / ramesh

Debt fund is fund which is invested in debts.

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