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Short Answer on ______________Assets

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Short Answer on ______________Assets..

Answer / abhivirthi tax and industrial

Purchases of Land and Building is called Immovable Asset,
and purchase of Machinery etc., which were immovable
properties is called Capital Assets, and purchases of Air
Conditioner, Two wheeler, Three Wheeler, Four Wheeler,
Furnitures and Fittings, Generator, Refrigerator were called
Fixed Assets and payment of money towards Telephone Deposit,
E.B.Deposit and Sales Tax Security Deposits were called
Deposit Assets.

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ABHIVIRTHI Tax and Industrial Consultancy
H-63, Palaami Enclave, New Natham Road,
Cell: 9994990599

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Short Answer on ______________Assets..

Answer / babhu kanchupalli

What the business owns...i.e fixed assets,current assets,tangible assets,intangible assets,fixious assets etc.....

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