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what is shares buy back And Stock plit.

1 Answers  

A company is Listing in EU (Europian Union) Controlled stock exchange ? will IFRS are mandatory ? if you answer will differ if Subsidary of US based company Listing in EU (Europian Union) Controlled stock exchange?

0 Answers  

The prepaid insurance account has a debit balance of $3600 at the end of the year. If unexpired insurance at the end of the year is $2800, the amount of insurance expense that should be reported on the income statement is?

2 Answers  

What do you mean by / what is fund management..?

2 Answers   Big Bazaar,

Expand ------BMI

2 Answers  

What is accrued account payable?? Give some journal entries with examples.

3 Answers  

If in a PO, the freight condition is mentioned as Air freight and the material is actually received by Road, how does the system check before making the necessary accounting entries?

0 Answers  

give narration of cash----a/c---Dr To cash

1 Answers   Hindalco,

What is amortization?

38 Answers   Brigade, Capital IQ, Sri Ram,

Sold goods worth 425760 on credit to ABC Traders which is inclusive of 4% vat tax.Pass sales entry with Vat tax

4 Answers  

what is forecast

0 Answers   IBM,

what is trail balance ?

17 Answers   Granites, Syndicate Bank,