main khud ko kaise pehchanu ki mujh main kon si good
qalities hai aur kain si baad

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main khud ko kaise pehchanu ki mujh main kon si good qalities hai aur kain si baad..

Answer / tanveer ahmed

main is qabil to nai k kisi ko kisi k sawal ka jawab da
sakun magar phir b adna se kawish ha.
Mary khayal main agar ap phalsafa parhain aur aur us ko
apny sath mawazna karain to app yakeenan wo cheez hasil ker
lain ga jo ap chahtay hain.ap apny andar hamaisha burai ko
talash kernay ki koshish karain mujy yakeen ha ap ko ap k
sawal ka jawab mil jay ga apny her kaam ko parkhany ki
koshish karain k theik ha ya nai daikhian mazhab koi b ho
wo hamain aajzi,ikhlaq aur khulus ki taleem daity hain agar
aap apny andar ye cheizain daikh rahay hain to samjain k
aap burai se thora dur hain haan yaad rahay k kabi ye na
samjna k aap main koi burai nai q k ye jo matti k putlay
hain na sub khata se pur hain

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main khud ko kaise pehchanu ki mujh main kon si good qalities hai aur kain si baad..

Answer / manasa

first find out what is good and what is bad. again good and
bad are relative i.e. something which is good for me might
be bad for you. So ask your parents or best friends as what
is good and what is bad and then decide whether you are
good or bad

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