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DNS Interview Questions
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tell about yourself, please do give with example .

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whats is the use of final,in which situation final can be used in the application?

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Explain class A{} class B{} class C{} all the three classes are saved in a single file name, what the name should i provide to the file ,in what file name should i run the program? Ple Explain

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what is overloading in java?

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They had given one progam final HashMap hm=new HashMap(); public void show() { hm.put("name",value); } in this prg here the final hashtable value can be changed in put method,its the prg run?

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they asked class A{} class B{} class c{} all the three class saved as a single file,there is no main method in the file and anothe class class m { psvm(String args[]) { // here the parent class can access } }

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what is the use of abstract class and interface with example?

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in case of broad band connector, where the data is being transferred thorugh OFC, during this course a light enery is created for carrying data, whether this light energy is created by broad band connect or it is created by virute of functions of the subscriber or not?


for creation of light energy what the inputs are requried, how the light energy is creaed?

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in the caase of transmission of data of OFC, the data will be carried by light energy, how the light energy is created? whether it s created by broad band connector or subscriber itself?


Take one textbox if I am inputting abc alphabet in capital letter or in small letter on the button click it will be bcd or if I enter 123 and it would be 234 like that in ASP.NET?

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what is professional tax slab rate ?

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