7. What is an advantage to using switches in your network?
A. Addressing of hosts by DHCP
B. Ease of administration
C. Stops broadcast storms
D. Works like a repeater

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7. What is an advantage to using switches in your network? A. Addressing of hosts by DHCP B. Eas..

Answer / kapilasdhir

Answer: B
Switches filter by MAC address and, by default, are
typically easy to administrate. B is the "best" answer

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7. What is an advantage to using switches in your network? A. Addressing of hosts by DHCP B. Eas..

Answer / kushal


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Is hub intelligent device?

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if i had a video conferencing device why should it is needed to configure a static IP for that,will it not work on the local lan.

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Assuming no subnetting, which two pieces of information can be derived from the IP address (Choose two) A. It is a Class C address B. It is a Class B address C. The network address is D. The network address is E. The host spoon of the address is 25.10

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Identify 3 characteristics regarding IP access-lists? A.) Can be configured as a standard access-list B.) Can be run from another router running IP C.) Can be configured as a named access-list D.) Are the same as IPX access-lists E.) Can be configured as an extended access-list

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What is the default IPX Ethernet encapsulation? A.) SNAP B.) Arpa C.) 802.2 D.) Novell-Ether E.) SAP

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On a network design project you determine that a new testing application requires multiple hosts. These hosts must be capable of sharing data between each host and an enterprise server at 10 Mobs bandwidth. Other divisions in the company use applications that require less than 2 Mobs bandwidth of the enterprise server. What is your most economical recommendation? A. That existing 10BaseT hubs be replaced with 1 00BaseT hubs to improve overall performance B. That a router can separate the testing application from the rest of the network, thus allowing the testing application more bandwidth. C. That a switch be installed, so that the enterprise server can be provided a 100 Mobs pod and each of the testing application hosts can be given dedicated 10 Mobs pods] D. That a bridge be placed between the enterprise server and all other users with the exception of the testing application

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Explain what is the size of hello packets in eigrep protocol?

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Is hsrp is cisco proprietary or introduced by ieee?

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Identify the order of the 5 step encapsulation? 1. Create the segment 2. Convert the frame to bits 3. Create the packet 4. Create the frame 5. User creates the data A.) 1,2,4,2,5 B.) 2,1,3,4,5 C.) 5,1,3,4,2 D.) 5,3,4,1,2

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A company running RIP V1 protocol on their 2 seperate networks, each nw has 14 routers, if the two nw wants to be merged with each other total no of routers will be 28. but rip metric is hop count(15). What needs to be done if this setup needs to be work ?

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Explain the types of ospf configuration?

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IGRP supports a feature that allows traffic to be distributed among up to 6 (4 default) paths to provide greater overall throughput and reliability. What is this called? A. unequal-cost load balancing B. equal-cost load balancing C. proportionate load balancing D. low cost load balancing

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